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Male, 56 Years Old, US Army Soldier, Police Officer, Photographer, Double A Baseball Player, Little League Umpire, Baseball & Softball Coach, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Pilot.
My Tumblr Interests: Theatrical Headshots, Fashion Photography, Publicity Photography, Wildlife & Sports Photography, Homes and Gardens, Health & Fitness, Europe & Travel.
My Academic Interests: Animal Consciousness, Animal Rights, Anthropology, Astronomy, Buddhism, Cognitive Science, Fine Art, Human Consciousness, Human Rights, Literature, Neuroscience, Paleoanthropology, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Space-Time, Taoism, World History.


Creative Artist Turns Strangers’ Photographs Into Anime-Inspired Sketches

US-based artist Robert DeJesus has been accepting commissions by strangers to draw Japanese anime-inspired portraits of themselves based on photographs they submit. 

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Beautiful reconstructed hominin skulls — the early members of humanity’s family tree! You can see lots more on the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Flickr page.

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Miss looking like this!

If matter falls down, does antimatter fall up? - Chloé Malbrunot

Drones Attacks - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver